SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster

If you are in a huge company and you find yourself having little to no signal reception, it can be quite a frustrating endeavor indeed. But, it is not only you who is experiencing low signal reception, all of the people in your company are experiencing it as well.

It might be the right time to address this issue to your boss and say that you need to have a mobile phone signal booster that can boost the entire company’s mobile phone signal reception.

Today, we are going to talk about the SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster. This is an industrial grade mobile phone signal booster that is able to support up to 100 simultaneous users!

To know more about the SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster, let’s take a look at its official product features:

  • Fully compliant with new FCC certification standards
  • Software upgradeable in the field
  • Dual Embedded CPU
  • Independently reconfigurable for each band
  • Independent digitally adjustable uplink and downlink
  • Eight RSSI detectors for all inputs and outputs
  • Automatic shut-down for network protection
  • Highly configurable with options for different antennas according to your needs

The SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a multi-band signal booster and that it supports all of the major mobile phone carriers. It also comes equipped with a dual CPU that allows for optimum efficiency, each and every time.

Each frequency band can be optimally configured manually, although, the signal booster does that for you automatically.

When you order the SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster, you will have choices on which antenna you want to buy.

For the external antenna, you can have the SC-100-L Omni Outdoor Antenna. This external antenna is a powerful omnidirectional antenna and it is great for companies that are within 30 miles from the cell tower. If your company is situated way beyond 30 miles, then getting a yagi-directional antenna is a much more favorable choice.

Another external antenna you can get with this mobile phone signal booster is the SC-230W-S Yagi Outdoor Antenna. This is a yagi-directional antenna that has an impressive gain of 10dB. This antenna is perfect if you are more than 30 miles away from the cell tower.

It is not only the External antennas that can be changed, you also have options for the internal antenna as well.

For the internal antennas, you have a choice between an Omni-dome antenna and a panel antenna. For the Omni-dome antenna, you will have the SC-222 Omni Dome Antenna which pretty much works like its external antenna counterpart. It will rebroadcast amplified signals in a 360-degree coverage for better overall signal output.

You can also opt for the SC-248W Panel antenna, and it is akin to the yagi-directional antenna. It has an impressive gain of 10dB and it allows for greater efficiency in targeted areas.

Both internal antennas can be wall-mounted and can even be mounted on the ceiling.

For the installation, it is pretty much the same as other mobile phone signal boosters on the market. Detailed instructions are provided with the included instructional manual.

The SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a good industrial grade mobile phone signal booster that can support all mobile phone service carriers. Do note that this signal booster only supports up to 3G signals and it does not support 4G LTE.

Still, it is a pretty good mobile phone signal booster and it will cost you only $1,800 to get one.