Preparing for HGH injections

If you are using HGH injections on your own then you must first learn how to prepare them. When you buy HGH injections, the HGH powder would come in a vial, you would need a long and a short syringe apart from sterile water, which is also known as bacteria static water. Along with these you would need sterilizing materials such as soap, alcohol swabs and clean cloth. If you want then you can also get a pair of surgical gloves.
Doctors or experts would always have surgical gloves on while they administer HGH injections. Not everyone uses them while preparing the HGH injections on their own at home but using surgical gloves is always recommendable.

First, you should have all the items ready and you should clean the place where you would be preparing the HGH injections. If you are using a table then you should sterilize the table as well. You should wash your hands and the area where you are going to apply the HGH injections, which may be your love handle area, buttocks, hips or somewhere else. You should also sterilize the vial of the sterile water including the rubber stoppers before placing it on the cleaned and sterilized table. The syringes should be new and already sterilized hence you do not need to do anything with them.

Second, you must take the long needled syringe, insert it in the vial of sterile water and draw out about 1 cc. Once you have drawn out 1 cc of sterile water, you should ensure that there is no air bubble inside it. If there is any then you should very gently push the plunger of the syringe to get rid of the bubbles.

Third, you should take the container of the HGH powder which should also have rubber stoppers on it, insert the syringe with long needle very gently into the container. Try and place the tip of the needle of the syringe onto the wall of the container and push the plunger to pump in the sterile water into the HGH container. Once all the bacteria static water has been pumped out, pull out the syringe.

Fourth, the blend of the sterile water and HGH powder is the content of HGH injections. You should take the vial and gentle shake it to ensure that the water and the HGH powder mixes profusely and completely.

Fifth, after the blend is ready, you should take the small needle syringe or use a small needle and by removing the long needle on the used syringe, assemble the smaller one. You should insert the small syringe into the HGH container and extract the entire contents of the HGH injections.
Finally, you should ensure that the HGH injections do not have any air bubble inside the syringe before administering.