Pasta Custom Firmware for the Nintendo 3DS

If you have a Nintendo 3DS and if you’re looking for something new you can do to it, then you’ve probably come across some sites stating that you should install a custom firmware.

What is a custom firmware? A custom firmware is a firmware (or operating system) that was designed by a third-party. These firmwares unlock certain features that official firmwares don’t have.

The question, “Why would I want to install a custom firmware?” There are a lot of reasons. First, you get a handful of tools that you can use for your Nintendo 3DS. Such tools are game dumps, converters, among others.

Second, you can install homebrew applications. Install Homebrew applications and play homebrew games to your heart’s content.

And lastly, when you install a custom firmware, you have now unlocked the ability of your Nintendo 3DS to read R4 3DS cards.These are specialized SD cards that can save your game dumps and homebrew applications. If you do not install a custom firmware, you will not be able to use an R4 3DS card.

There are a lot of custom firmwares out there, but we will focus on just one, and that is the Pasta CFW.

Pasta custom firmware is one of the most popular CFWs for the Nintendo 3DS. The name was originally from a Pastebin file and has since taken that moniker. The only caveat here is that this custom firmware, when installed incorrectly, will brick your Nintendo 3DS. “Brick” is the term used when your shiny portable gaming device is rendered inoperable.

You’re probably thinking, “Why should I choose Pasta Custom Firmware and not other cfws?” As I mentioned before, each custom firmware has their own unique features. Here are some features you can expect from the custom firmware:

  • Install .cia apps / tools
  • You can dump roms of your games, then convert the games to cia files, meaning they can be installed and launched from the 3DS’s home screen without the cartridge in your console
  • Use SaveDataFiler to dump and backup your save games from your game cartridges
  • Modify / hack games, there is already a hack of some of the Pokemon games which changes some parts of the story

If you’re totally sold on installing Pasta CFW on your Nintendo 3DS, here is what you should do:

  1. Download the latest beta version of Pasta CFW (currently on version 1.3 (beta 7)

  2. Start up your 3DS, boot Cubic Ninja, start PastaCFW.

  3. You should now be on the home menu screen, with signatures patched!

The process has been streamlined now. Unlike before where you have to do a lot of things, this new version only requires you to do 2 things and you can now enjoy your new custom firmware.

Also, the new version has a lot of new features and it seems to be stable enough for daily use. It probably is the new stable version.

So, if you want to install a custom firmware to increase your 3DS’ capabilities, Pasta CFW is one that you should consider.