Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera

Pelco is one of the best IP camera manufacturers in the world. They provide IP cameras that are easy to install and they have a wide variety of IP cameras to suit all of your needs.

Today, I am going to talk about the Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera. This is an IP camera that can be installed outside and I will talk all about its features in this article.

The Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera is one of their best IP cameras yet. That is because this IP camera has a 360-degree angle swivel that allows you to see a lot of things from a full circle perspective.

Unlike other IP cameras out there, the Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera truly lives up to its name. Other IP cameras only have 180-degree angle support but this IP camera lets you see the entire 360-degree spectrum.

Another feature of the Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera is that it has a 5-megapixel camera with a 1 / 2.5 CMOS Sensor. This means that the camera is able to see a whole lot. Plus, this is further enhanced due to the fact that it can see everything in a 360-degree view.

Since the Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera is meant to be placed outdoors, this IP camera is also IP66-rated. For those of you who do not know, if a security equipment has this rating, this means that it meant to be dustproof.

This IP camera is not only dustproof but it can also withstand the harsh elements as well. That is because the Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera is made of premium materials and the camera itself is enclosed so it will not get damaged when it is wet due to rain and snow.

The Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera can be easily installed because it comes equipped with all of the mounting equipment you need. This IP camera can be installed on the roof, a table, and ceiling.

This IP camera also has an amazing motion detecting sensor and it has 0.2 lux, which means that it can see everything clearly even in low light situations.

The Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera can also be configured with the Oncam Grandeye software; a proprietary software that not only setups the camera but also enables some unique features as well.

And lastly, the best thing about Pelco IP cameras is that they are constantly working on improving their IP cameras. They consistently release new firmware updates which you can download and install easily.

So, if you’re going to purchase the Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera, head on to the official page of this particular IP camera and download the latest firmware. This is to ensure that the stability and features of this IP camera are in place.

The Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera is a very good and innovative IP camera. It is durable, it has a lot of features, and the manufacturer has amazing support for their products. You can never go wrong with the Pelco Evolution 360 Outdoor IP Camera.

SmoothTalker BRBCX2-60XK Mobile Phone Signal Booster

SmoothTalker made a great name in the Mobile Phone Signal Booster industry. In fact, it is now one of the most trusted brands in the entire world.

They have consistently creating mobile phone signal boosters that deliver on their promise of eliminating the low signal reception problems of your mobile phone.

Today, we are going to talk about the SmoothTalker BRBCX2-60XK Mobile Phone Signal Booster. This is one of their newer mobile phone signal boosters and the good thing is that it boosts the latest 4G LTE signals as well.

The SmoothTalker BRBCX2-60XK Mobile Phone Signal Booster helps improve your mobile phone’s signal reception by getting weak outside signals, amplifying it using the signal booster, and rebroadcasting it inside your house.

This mobile phone signal booster has a 2,500 sq ft. coverage area which should be good enough for people who are looking to use it in either in their homes or in a small office.

I just love the newer mobile phone signal boosters that SmoothTalker has created. All of their new signal boosters now come with an LED indicator lights so that you can easily tell if the signal booster is working or not.

Also, it now comes with SmoothTalker’s proprietary Stealth Technology and Automatic Oscillation control. Basically, what these features entail is that they automatically set the settings to their optimum parameters, which translate into a better overall performance without you having to set the settings manually.

This is amazing especially for people who are still new in using mobile phone signal boosters. Heck, I myself do not want to tinker with the booster’s settings manually, so it is a huge plus for the signal booster manufacturer to include automatic gain settings.

So, how do you install the SmoothTalker BRBCX2-60XK Mobile Phone Signal Booster? Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. The SmoothTalker BRBCX2-60XK Mobile Phone Signal Booster doesn’t require you any more to go to the roof when installing the external antenna. Instead, you can mount the external antenna on your Window.
  2. Place the mobile phone signal booster somewhere convenient but still within the reach of the external antenna.
  3. Place the internal antenna in the middle portion of your house or small office. This is to ensure optimal signal rebroadcasting (since the internal antenna is an omnidirectional antenna).
  4. Insert the internal and external antennas into their respective ports and power on the mobile phone signal booster.
  5. Using the SmoothTalker BRBCX2-60XK Mobile Phone Signal Booster is now more convenient because it now comes with LED lights. Just look at the LED lights so that you will know if the mobile phone signal booster is now working or not (usually takes not more than 3 minutes).

And those are the things that you need to do in order to install the SmoothTalker BRBCX2-60XK Mobile Phone Signal Booster. It is now less of a hassle since the external antenna can now be mounted on the window instead of going to the roof (thus, much safer).

The SmoothTalker BRBCX2-60XK Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a very good mobile phone signal booster that boosts 4G LTE signals as well as the previous signal technologies.

SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster

If you are in a huge company and you find yourself having little to no signal reception, it can be quite a frustrating endeavor indeed. But, it is not only you who is experiencing low signal reception, all of the people in your company are experiencing it as well.

It might be the right time to address this issue to your boss and say that you need to have a mobile phone signal booster that can boost the entire company’s mobile phone signal reception.

Today, we are going to talk about the SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster. This is an industrial grade mobile phone signal booster that is able to support up to 100 simultaneous users!

To know more about the SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster, let’s take a look at its official product features:

  • Fully compliant with new FCC certification standards
  • Software upgradeable in the field
  • Dual Embedded CPU
  • Independently reconfigurable for each band
  • Independent digitally adjustable uplink and downlink
  • Eight RSSI detectors for all inputs and outputs
  • Automatic shut-down for network protection
  • Highly configurable with options for different antennas according to your needs

The SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a multi-band signal booster and that it supports all of the major mobile phone carriers. It also comes equipped with a dual CPU that allows for optimum efficiency, each and every time.

Each frequency band can be optimally configured manually, although, the signal booster does that for you automatically.

When you order the SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster, you will have choices on which antenna you want to buy.

For the external antenna, you can have the SC-100-L Omni Outdoor Antenna. This external antenna is a powerful omnidirectional antenna and it is great for companies that are within 30 miles from the cell tower. If your company is situated way beyond 30 miles, then getting a yagi-directional antenna is a much more favorable choice.

Another external antenna you can get with this mobile phone signal booster is the SC-230W-S Yagi Outdoor Antenna. This is a yagi-directional antenna that has an impressive gain of 10dB. This antenna is perfect if you are more than 30 miles away from the cell tower.

It is not only the External antennas that can be changed, you also have options for the internal antenna as well.

For the internal antennas, you have a choice between an Omni-dome antenna and a panel antenna. For the Omni-dome antenna, you will have the SC-222 Omni Dome Antenna which pretty much works like its external antenna counterpart. It will rebroadcast amplified signals in a 360-degree coverage for better overall signal output.

You can also opt for the SC-248W Panel antenna, and it is akin to the yagi-directional antenna. It has an impressive gain of 10dB and it allows for greater efficiency in targeted areas.

Both internal antennas can be wall-mounted and can even be mounted on the ceiling.

For the installation, it is pretty much the same as other mobile phone signal boosters on the market. Detailed instructions are provided with the included instructional manual.

The SureCall DualForce Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a good industrial grade mobile phone signal booster that can support all mobile phone service carriers. Do note that this signal booster only supports up to 3G signals and it does not support 4G LTE.

Still, it is a pretty good mobile phone signal booster and it will cost you only $1,800 to get one.

Logitech G710 Blue Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Back in the day, I’ve been using Logitech products. I swear by their products because they not only do the job, but it also feels really nice to the touch as well. Over the course of a few years, they’ve ventured into the gaming niche.

Today, we’re going to take a look at one of their gaming keyboards, the G710. The Logitech G170 is a full mechanical keyboard that has MX Cherry Blue switches. For those of you who are not familiar with mechanical switches, the MX Blues are perfect for typists and gamers alike. They have a tactile feel and they are really nice to the hands each and every time you type with them. The only problem is that the MS Cherry Blue is one of the noisiest mechanical switches out there on the market today.

If you want to take a look at the rundown of specifications for the G710, here it is:

  • Tactile, high-speed keys: Cherry MX Blue Switches deliver gaming-grade responsiveness with high-speed, “clicky” tactile feedback
  • Adjustable dual-zone backlighting: Adjust the brightness of WASD/arrow keys independently from the rest of the keyboard so you can easily find any key-even in low light
  • 6 programmable G-keys: Configure up to 18 unique functions per game, including single key presses, complex macros or intricate LUA scripts
  • High-performance gaming keys: 110 anti-ghosting keys and 26-key rollover help you make the right moves with flawless precision; one-touch media keys let you instantly control volume, mute and media playback
  • Compatibility: Works with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Mac OS X

The Logitech G710 is perfect for typists and gamers alike. As mentioned previously, this gaming keyboard has Cherry MX Blues that provide the perfect tactile feedback for that precise command in gaming. Also, Cherry MX blue switches are known to be sturdier than your run-of-the-mill membrane keys and they can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes!

The Logitech G710 is also well-illuminated with a white backlighting. The lighting can be adjusted using four preset light options. Furthermore, if you just want to illuminate the WASD keys, then it also has a special backlighting option for that as well.

The G710 gaming keyboard also has a 110-key roll over with anti-ghosting, so that you are assured that each and every keypress will be registered on the computer.

The Logitech G710 also comes with 6 programmable G-keys. These are perfect for gamers so they can use macros in their games. This is also perfect for people who just wants to have a button to launch their favorite applications all at once.

Not only that, but this gaming keyboard also has dedicated media controls, so you do not have to move the mouse to control video playback, for example. And, typing on this thing is a dream because it not only has mechanical switches, but it also has a palm rest as well! Type on the gaming keyboard for hours on end, and you will never feel any pain at all!

The Logitech has done it again with the G710. This gaming keyboard costs only $84. Sturdy with a lot of features, this is a really good gaming keyboard from a very reputable company.

Pasta Custom Firmware for the Nintendo 3DS

If you have a Nintendo 3DS and if you’re looking for something new you can do to it, then you’ve probably come across some sites stating that you should install a custom firmware.

What is a custom firmware? A custom firmware is a firmware (or operating system) that was designed by a third-party. These firmwares unlock certain features that official firmwares don’t have.

The question, “Why would I want to install a custom firmware?” There are a lot of reasons. First, you get a handful of tools that you can use for your Nintendo 3DS. Such tools are game dumps, converters, among others.

Second, you can install homebrew applications. Install Homebrew applications and play homebrew games to your heart’s content.

And lastly, when you install a custom firmware, you have now unlocked the ability of your Nintendo 3DS to read R4 3DS cards.These are specialized SD cards that can save your game dumps and homebrew applications. If you do not install a custom firmware, you will not be able to use an R4 3DS card.

There are a lot of custom firmwares out there, but we will focus on just one, and that is the Pasta CFW.

Pasta custom firmware is one of the most popular CFWs for the Nintendo 3DS. The name was originally from a Pastebin file and has since taken that moniker. The only caveat here is that this custom firmware, when installed incorrectly, will brick your Nintendo 3DS. “Brick” is the term used when your shiny portable gaming device is rendered inoperable.

You’re probably thinking, “Why should I choose Pasta Custom Firmware and not other cfws?” As I mentioned before, each custom firmware has their own unique features. Here are some features you can expect from the custom firmware:

  • Install .cia apps / tools
  • You can dump roms of your games, then convert the games to cia files, meaning they can be installed and launched from the 3DS’s home screen without the cartridge in your console
  • Use SaveDataFiler to dump and backup your save games from your game cartridges
  • Modify / hack games, there is already a hack of some of the Pokemon games which changes some parts of the story

If you’re totally sold on installing Pasta CFW on your Nintendo 3DS, here is what you should do:

  1. Download the latest beta version of Pasta CFW (currently on version 1.3 (beta 7)

  2. Start up your 3DS, boot Cubic Ninja, start PastaCFW.

  3. You should now be on the home menu screen, with signatures patched!

The process has been streamlined now. Unlike before where you have to do a lot of things, this new version only requires you to do 2 things and you can now enjoy your new custom firmware.

Also, the new version has a lot of new features and it seems to be stable enough for daily use. It probably is the new stable version.

So, if you want to install a custom firmware to increase your 3DS’ capabilities, Pasta CFW is one that you should consider.

Using African Mango supplements for weight loss

You may have heard something about supplements containing African mango. Blogs, full-page advertisements, even television shows have been touting this supplement as something that anyone interested in weight loss, or just interested in adding something to their already healthy lifestyle, should consider adding.

A lot of hype surrounds supplements with African mango, but is that level of hype deserved. Is this supplement truly one of the ones that should be on the must-have list of anyone trying to lose weight and live healthy?
If you’re at all skeptical, you should be aware then of some of the benefits people who have used this are reporting. Some of those results have been pretty fascinating, even remarkable.

What Do African Mango Supplements Do?
It’s always good with products designed to aid you in weight loss to hold on to a certain level of skepticism. It would be nice if every weight loss product out there was on the up-and-up, but that’s sadly just not the case. There are unfortunately a lot of scams out there. Some products, for the sake of your health, time and wallet, should just be avoided completely at all costs.

But what about supplements with African mango as the main ingredient? Are all the good things people are saying about them to be believed, or is it just another waste of time and money?

A number of studies have been conducted on the effects of African mango supplements. Those results have brought back some results that are rather encouraging. Certainly encouraging enough that you may want to think very seriously about adding this supplement to your diet and exercise.

And the beauty of trying these supplements is that there are no side-effects. African mango is of course safe to use, so you really don’t have any reasons to not at least try it for yourself.

Some of the results people who have tried the supplement include weight loss, a reduction in body fat, and a stronger, healthier metabolism. The benefits don’t end there though. People using this supplement have also reported things like stronger thermogenesis and satiety. It can even help you feel fuller, which in turn can help you better control your appetite. The studies performed with people and these supplements revealed these pluses, and the people who have been adding these supplements to their diet and exercise have revealed the same thing.

Find Out If African Mango Supplements Work For You
All of these benefits unquestionably sound great, right? You’re not going to know for sure, however, until you try them for yourself.

It’s worth mentioning again that this is an all-natural, completely safe supplement. You can try it with complete confidence.

When you do try it, make sure you try a product that is a pure IG extract. This is the only way in which you will be able to see the full results of the supplement. Other than that, all you really need to do is try it, and see if it works for you.

Preparing for HGH injections

If you are using HGH injections on your own then you must first learn how to prepare them. When you buy HGH injections, the HGH powder would come in a vial, you would need a long and a short syringe apart from sterile water, which is also known as bacteria static water. Along with these you would need sterilizing materials such as soap, alcohol swabs and clean cloth. If you want then you can also get a pair of surgical gloves.
Doctors or experts would always have surgical gloves on while they administer HGH injections. Not everyone uses them while preparing the HGH injections on their own at home but using surgical gloves is always recommendable.

First, you should have all the items ready and you should clean the place where you would be preparing the HGH injections. If you are using a table then you should sterilize the table as well. You should wash your hands and the area where you are going to apply the HGH injections, which may be your love handle area, buttocks, hips or somewhere else. You should also sterilize the vial of the sterile water including the rubber stoppers before placing it on the cleaned and sterilized table. The syringes should be new and already sterilized hence you do not need to do anything with them.

Second, you must take the long needled syringe, insert it in the vial of sterile water and draw out about 1 cc. Once you have drawn out 1 cc of sterile water, you should ensure that there is no air bubble inside it. If there is any then you should very gently push the plunger of the syringe to get rid of the bubbles.

Third, you should take the container of the HGH powder which should also have rubber stoppers on it, insert the syringe with long needle very gently into the container. Try and place the tip of the needle of the syringe onto the wall of the container and push the plunger to pump in the sterile water into the HGH container. Once all the bacteria static water has been pumped out, pull out the syringe.

Fourth, the blend of the sterile water and HGH powder is the content of HGH injections. You should take the vial and gentle shake it to ensure that the water and the HGH powder mixes profusely and completely.

Fifth, after the blend is ready, you should take the small needle syringe or use a small needle and by removing the long needle on the used syringe, assemble the smaller one. You should insert the small syringe into the HGH container and extract the entire contents of the HGH injections.
Finally, you should ensure that the HGH injections do not have any air bubble inside the syringe before administering.